A guided tour in the province of Siena is highly recommendable and a fun way to enrich and enlighten your vacation in Tuscany – regardless of whether you’re interested in history, culture, art, food or wine this area has absolutely everything to offer!

Here is just a small example of how a guided tour can be structured…

Classic walking tour of Siena

Our walking tour starts with a historic introduction to Siena from a panoramic viewpoint where it is possible to admire the beautiful view of the town centre.

Siena obtained an important status in the Middle Ages thanks to its wide scale financial business and its strategic location on the Via Francigena. It became a buzzling and wealthy city and many of the historic monuments bare witness of this today.

Our tour will bring us through the cosy medieval streets where we will make a stop in one of the 17 contrade (the town districts) that the historic centre is divided into. These 17 districts are fundamental for the understanding of Siena and the famous horse race, il Palio.

After our stop in the contrada we continue our tour to the baptistery and the breath taking cathedral and spend some time here taking it all in. Our last stop is the political centre of town, Piazza del Campo; the unique shell shaped square.

On Piazza del Campo we will admire Palazzo Pubblico – the beautiful Gothic town hall that has inspired many an architectonic masterpiece.

We will also take in the amazing square, Torre del Mangia and Fonte Gaia, before we finish the tour with a tale of the Palio that takes place on Piazza del Campo.

The walking tour takes approx. 2-3 hours and the price is Euro 150,00 for smaller groups.

For information and requests for guided tours in Siena send a mail to:camillapedersen@virgilio.it